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I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to get through this week. Each day seems to drag on and I have been having more trouble concentrating than usual. Typically, I make a to-do list each morning and tackle almost everything on it by the day’s end. Each item crossed off relieves a bit of stress, and thus there is a cycle of positive re-enforcement. Do my sh¬†stuff, feel better, do more of my stuff, relax and enjoy. Now, I am just kind of physically stammering, not really doing anything. I need to get down to business though, because my calculus final is on Friday, and then the first summer session will be over! Immediately following that, Chelsea, Kristi, and I are moving into our new house this weekend, and then on Monday, summer session two begins. Blech. I am taking Bio Sci 101, which is Genes and Genetics. Since it is supposed to be a fairly difficult course, I am going to take that and nothing else. Hopefully it will be a fair workload and I will be able to enjoy my weeks as much, or more, as I have been these last 5 or so weeks.

Since this week has been full of studying, procrastinating, my internship, and class, the sad truth is that the highlight of my day yesterday was lunch. But it isn’t quite so sad when you consider how awesome it was…

Feta salmon sliders with a yogurt mint sauce

Recipe: Serves 1

3 tbsp greek yogurt

1 tbsp chopped mint

1 tbsp feta, crumbled

1 whole wheat mini bagel

1 salmon burger (you can make your own with my recipe or just buy frozen patties!)

tomato slices

onion slices

Directions – Prepare the salmon burger as directed. Then, toast a whole wheat mini bagel. While it is toasting, prepare the sauce by combining the greek yogurt, mint, and feta in a dish and mashing it all together. Cut the salmon burger into two circular patties and place each one on top of a bagel half. Top with the yogurt sauce, extra feta, slivers of onion, a tomato slice, and a dash of salt. Serve with a side of zucchini feta salad. Enjoy!


Salmon * Salmon has one of the highest concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids! Studies show that eating omega 3 rich fish just twice a week can lower blood triglycerides. Salmon is also rich in tryptophan, vitamin D, protein, B vitamins, and selenium!

Tomato * Contains the antioxidant lycopene, which has been found to protect against breast, colorectal, lung, endometrial, prostate, and pancreatic cancer!

Onion * Lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and also have antioxidants.

Questions: How is your week going? And recommendations for getting my focus back? 

New Zealand wrap up

After 12 days in lovely New Zealand, I am home! Getting back was a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. After a three hour flight from the South island to the North island and a 12 hour flight to the US of A, I arrived at LAX. I figured I could just take Amtrak to Davis, so I hopped on the Flyaway bus. Once at the Amtrak station (after being propositioned to be “taken out to hollywood tonight” and then “driven up the beautiful PCH to Davis” by a total stranger), I learned that there isn’t actually a train to where I live. So I took a 3 hour bus ride to get to a 5 hour train ride and then topped it off with another hour and half bus ride. It was just so much fun. During the third bus ride I realized that I didn’t have a key and my housemates weren’t home yet. Oops. It’s all good, though!

I didn’t take pictures every day but I will post some of the best that I have to sum up the remainder of my trip…

My step sista Brittany’s house, see all the Tibetan flags and things?!

Her driveway and horse

New Zealand has the coolest yogurt flavors.

Unfortunately their greek yogurt has the same nutritional profile as regular yogurt..?


Farariki beach, which my mom just called “Freaky Beach”

And the best meal I had on my trip..

Zucchini bruschetta with goat cheese and mint

Amazing goat cheese salad with fresh pears, walnuts, endive, and croutons

BBQ scallops with chili, lemon, olive oil, and wild rocket

Beef carpaccio with gorgonzola Dulce, lemon, chili, rocket, and grilled baguette

Pan fried snapper with tomatoes, red onion, basil pesto, and lemon

Clearly, we feasted.

Although the trip was truly great, I am excited to be back home and get back into the swing of things. This includes cooking and blogging new recipes! The discovery that I enjoy some cheeses has opened up a whole new world to me…

Happy 2011 everyone!


I had never heard of oatgurt until reading about it on Heather’s blog, but it is pretty shweet. Instead of having a dairy based yogurt, this yogurt is made from oat groats, which are completely unprocessed oat kernels. As you let it ferment in open air, healthy bacteria like that of regular yogurt begins to grow and grow. To colonize, if you will.

Recipe: 4 servings

Place 1 cup of oat groats into a large bowl and fill with water until the groats are completely submerged. Leave them out in the open air to soak for 1-2 days, adding some water each day. Blend until smooth and then let sit out for an additional 1-3 days. Stir and add a bit of water each day. The longer you let it sit, the more healthy bacteria will grow! Store in the fridge, as this will stop the fermentation process.

To serve, scoop out 1/4 of the oatgurt and stir in some vanilla and honey. Top with your favorite fruits, nuts, and nut butter!


Flora * these healthy bacteria (also known as probiotics) aid in digestion! Studies have shown that probiotics may increase nutrient bioavailability (make it easier for your body to use the good stuff you feed it), reduce diarrhea and constipation, help lactose intolerance, boost immunity, and help with yea lady issues.

Oat groats * are nutritionally the BEST form of oats, including steel cut! This is because they are completely whole and the outer hull has not been removed. Because of their super high fiber content, they are very filling and a low GI food. In addition to having many vitamins and minerals, eating whole grains also reduces your risk of heart disease.